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Ocean Blue Agronomics was started by farmers for farmers. The current agriculture industry is heavily influenced by corporate greed and jeopardizes the long term well being of the American Farmer. At OBA our mission is to make farmers more profitable and sustainable by taking a close look at the health of the soil via a proprietary analysis process and then prescribe the exact operational and nutrient management adjustments. 

We carry several products to help farmers get the most out of their soil. We make it our job to move sustainable agriculture forward and to help every farmer meet nutrient management requirements (compliance without compromise).

Our goal is to help achive better soil health, maximize nutrient retention and to increase farm profits and farm product quality.  We at Ocean Blue Ag want to help meet nutrient management requirements by compliance without compromise 


We offer extensive field consulting and our consultant will work with any farmer to get the best results of each and every farm.


- We will work with soil tests!


- We will work with you on a full fertility program


- We hold meetings periodicly to help you understand soil biology and plant health


Pro-Soil Ag Solutions

Pro-Soil offers proven systems and products that are designed to improve nutrient availablity through improving microbial activity in the soil, increasing root mass, and mellowing soils providing growers with a highly effective program in building nutrient rich soils.


Our Products include:


PS- Foundation 1-0-1


High-Energy Soil Bio Stimulant


Dramatically improve your soil's ability to work for you.


Yield Builder!

Formlated with the intention to greatly stimulate key plant growth centers, especially within our soils, FOUNDATION (1-0-1) is a plant and soil nutrient concentrate consisting of quallity fertilizers, vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, chelated trace minerals, humates, kelp and a powerful non-ionic surfactant.




High-Energy Soil Bio Stimulant


Boost the efficiency of everything you apply to your soil.


Fertilizer Booster!

PS-STARTER PRO (1-3-1) is specifically formulated for compatability and use with high phosphorus (starter) fertilizers or as a starter by itself. The same powerful formula as PS-FOUNDATION (1-0-1) minus the soil penetrate, PS-STARTER PRO is a plant and soil nutrient concentrate consisting of quality fertilizer, vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, chelated trace minerals, humates and kelp.




High-Energy Plant and Soil Bio Stimulant


Energize your Crops with Mirco-nutrients, Vitamins and Enzymes.


Foliar Feed!

Triple 3 Vital Boost (3-3-3) is a high-quality, liquid, foliar-nutrient spray for activity growing plants. Specially developed use in conjunction with PS-FOUNDATION 1-0-1, Triple 3 Vital Boost is a natural bio-catalyst that stimulates plants growth and enhances the effects of fertilizer.


Used together, the two products greatly enhance the overall biological benefits and yield potential of almost any crop. Triple 3's concentrate includes quality fertilizers, enzymes, chelated trace minerals and a powerful non-ionic surfactant for maximum uptake by the plant when applied as a foliar feed.


IPS 100


IPS 100 is a superior non-ionic, surfactant, spreader sticker, and soil penetrant mixed in a proprietary nutrient complex base performing various functions in agriculture. It will increase the spread of spray droplets on leaves allowing better spray coverage, penetration and translocation in plant tissue for better coverage of herbicides or pesticide sprays. IPS 100 is also a superior penetrant to help loosen tight to severly compacted soils allowing better aeration and water movement at the root zone. IPS 100 helps to improve water holding capacity in sandy soils or any soils experiencing drought stress.



Mineralizer Pro 90

MP 90 offers all 90 elements that are both biologically available and biologically balanced by natural design. MP-90 is in the ionic form which makes it immediately available to the plant and/or roots, it works as an electrolyte and suppresses plant disease often replacing the needs for fungicides while improving test weights and yield.  

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